Former Trump Department of Education secretary calls to abolish agency

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Former Trump cabinet secretary Betsy DeVos condemned the Department of Education and called for its elimination at a recent conservative summit in Tampa, Florida.

Axios reported that DeVos, who was in charge of the Department of Education under Trump, told attendees at the Moms for Liberty summit, “I personally think the Department of Education should not exist.” Axios cited a local Florida news outlet and said that DeVos’s statement was “well-received” by summit attendees.

Moms for Liberty is one of the conservative education advocacy groups formed by concerned mothers, who were upset at the liberal and left-wing indoctrination campaigns waged by education bureaucrats and teachers in their children’s’ public schools.

DeVos is a prominent advocate in favor of charter schools, compared to the largely public school-friendly federal bureaucrats at the Department of Education. Under her leadership, the federal education agency scaled back Obama-era actions, such as rescinding a federal guidance that imposed kangaroo court-like systems on college campuses.

Conservatives have called for the elimination of several federal agencies because of corruption, waste of taxpayer dollars, and punitive actions targeting a specific segment of the country’s population. The Department of Education has been on the chopping block among conservatives because of its largesse and role in pushing liberal ideology into school classrooms without providing ideological balance.