Georgia passes transgender sports bill, other education bills

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Georgia joined the list of states passing transgender sports and education into law when its governor, Republican Brian Kemp, signed several of these bills.

NBC News reported that these bills were “controversial,” but it did not delve into the specifics of why the media and the Left deemed these bills as controversial. But Kemp proclaimed that these laws increase the amount of transparency in high school sports and in public education.

Kemp proclaimed that these new laws protect “academic freedom” and “protect fairness in school sports.” Kemp is not the only Republican governor who is fighting for transparency in public schools or transgender athlete participation in sports: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis publicly has been sparring with the left-wing mainstream media on the same issues.

One of the new laws, the “Protect Students First Act,” gives an athletic oversight committee the authority to regulate high school sports and exclude transgender athletes from participation.

In one of the education laws, Georgia teachers will face hurdles to teach “divisive concepts” such as race and anti-American rhetoric or ideology. For some parents, this bill shows them that Georgia will not tolerate activist teachers who do not adhere to facts in their lessons.

Left-wing education activists, masquerading as teachers, no longer have a rubber stamp to teach their opinions as facts in Georgia, in addition to other states like Florida.