Global Warming Not A Done Deal

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Despite the party line coming out of the media and academia. “The science is not so settled,” Brian McNicoll points on on the Accuracy in Media website. “The question of how much impact carbon has on temperatures remains a subject of hot debate, in large part because climate models based on this assumption have not held up well.”

“Roy Spencer, a Ph.D. climate researcher at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, compared the rise in sea levels before 1950, when little carbon went into the atmosphere, with since 1950. Before, global sea levels were rising about a half-inch per decade – or about five inches per century. Since, they have risen about 0.8 inches per decade, meaning the impact of global warming on sea level change – a key talking point for environmentalists – amounts to a rounding error.”

“As for the temperature aspect, new research shows the Earth is cooling slightly, Arctic sea ice remains at normal levels, Antarctic sea ice is increasing and the troposphere – the area five to seven miles above the earth’s surface that forms the actual greenhouse into which greenhouse gases are said to be trapped – is cooling.”