Government Regulation is the New Growth Industry, says Georgetown University

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

A few years back, universities were touting “green jobs,” to college graduates, implementing environmental regulations but they never materialized. Now Georgetown thinks it has found a new growth industry.

“In the ever-changing and complex landscape of regulations and policies guiding research, there is a growing demand for professionals who can find innovative, ethical, and compliant solutions to healthcare needs,” Georgetown University claims. “Georgetown University’s Master of Professional Studies in Regulatory Affairs is shaping the next generation of these sought-after professionals.”

“With a curriculum that blends science, ethics, policy, and business, the program examines the full scope of the medical product lifecycle across national, international, and emerging markets.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, here’s what’s happened to the government’s latest attempt to “find innovative, ethical, and compliant solutions to healthcare needs.”

“July has been rough for Obamacare’s non-profit co-op health plans,” Sally Pipes wrote in Forbes in that very month. “Four closed after running out of money — three in just one week.”

“Just seven of the original 23 co-ops are still standing. Those seven all lost money last year — and may yet go out of business before the calendar turns to 2017. All that failure has been pricey. Taxpayers are out $1.7 billion in federal loans that these co-ops will never pay back. The co-ops stand out as perfect examples of how Obamacare’s idea of government-managed ‘competition’ is doomed to fail.”