Harvard Professor Blames Trump for Racial Incidents Across America

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Khalil Muhammed– a Harvard University professor teaching classes on history, race and public policy– recently criticized President Donald Trump for stirring up race-based anger in America. Muhammed, upon being interviewed by National Public Radio’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro on race relations, said that the president is a “really big part of the problem.” He blamed recent calls to police by bystanders on black Americans for “insignificant reasons.”

Muhammed claimed the underlying issue is “a problem of white fear being weaponized” and “police officers being a little too prickly when people are upset about having been judged harshly or inappropriately.” Another claim of Muhammed’s is that Trump’s law-and-order campaign rhetoric has encouraged citizens to take similar stances.

Muhammed said, “[Trump] ran as a law-and-order candidate in a country with a long history where the notion of using the police as the foot soldiers of controlling African-Americans.” Because of that campaign rhetoric, Muhammed claimed, “[W]e’ve now got citizens who are playing out this policy choice.”

The Left continues to rail against the president and his supporters, blaming them for increasingly precarious racial relations within the country, without acknowledging the rhetoric under predecessor Barack Obama that could have led to this point in American politics.