Have We OD’d On PC?

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

A recent survey suggests we have indeed. “Except among a tiny minority of far-left Americans, political correctness (P.C.) is deeply unpopular,” Robby Soave writes on the Reason magazine blog. “Some 80 percent of people said they viewed P.C. excess as a problem.”

“That’s according to a fascinating survey conducted by More in Common, an international research initiative. The researchers asked respondents dozens of questions about race, immigration, sexism, free speech, and other hot button issues, and then sorted them into seven different categories: progressive activists, traditional liberals, passive liberals, the apathetic, moderates, traditional conservatives, and devoted conservatives. The two conservative categories constituted 25 percent of the total; the progressives, just 8 percent.”

“Everyone else, according to the researchers, form an ‘exhausted majority’ whose views are not so different from one another, even across racial and gender lines.” How much do you want to bet that the tireless minority is mostly on college campuses?