Higher Ed Jobs In Decline

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Buried in the latest jobs report from the field of education are signs of decline.

According to HigherEdJobs:

~”The number of jobs in higher education increased in Q3 2017, driven more by private than public institutions.
Higher education job postings declined in Q3 2017 for only the second time since at least Q1 2014.

~The number of faculty and non-faculty job postings both decreased in Q3 2017, but postings for faculty positions declined at a greater rate.

~”The decline in job postings in Q3 2017 was entirely driven by a decline in full-time job postings as part-time job postings continued to increase at a rate similar to a year earlier.

~”Job postings for full-time faculty and full-time administrators both declined in Q3 2017. However, postings for part-time faculty positions increased at a much faster rate than a year earlier while postings for part-time administrative positions increased at a much slower rate.

~”Job postings and employment at community colleges both declined during Q3 2017, which is consistent with the recent trend.

~”The West and Midwest regions experienced the largest percentage increases in higher education job postings in Q3 2017, while the Northeast experienced the largest percentage decline.”