Hillary’s Abortion Doctor

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A great piece by our friend Paul Kengor at the American Spectator:

In the course of the research for that book, which was titled, God and Hillary Clinton, I stumbled upon a claim that blew me away, which I instantly knew I had to check out. I was told that Hillary Clinton’s OB-GYN in Arkansas was no less than the state’s leading abortion doctor. Yes, to repeat: her doctor, allegedly, was Arkansas’ top abortion provider. His name was Dr. William F. Harrison, I was told, and he openly admitted and boasted of having performed tens of thousands of abortions.

I couldn’t believe it, but certainly couldn’t drop it. As a biographer, you don’t ignore something like that (well, if you’re a liberal biographer you do). So, I did some digging, and even took the time to dare try to contact Harrison. I reached him. I would interview and correspond with him via several emails and phone calls in December 2006 and January 2007 (before the publication of my book) and again in multiple emails from September 2007 through July 2008 (after publication). What he told me is worth knowing.

Harrison confirmed that he was not only Hillary Clinton’s OB-GYN, but her personal friend, one who talked politics with her, and, indeed, proudly conceded that he was the single largest abortion doer in Arkansas.