Historian Advises Academic Dissidents

, Alex Nitzberg, 1 Comment

The predominance of liberal professors in academia stems significantly from an anti-conservative bias in hiring Dr. Paul Kengor averred during an interview on The Alex Nitzberg Show. Dr. Kengor is a professor of political science at Grove City College and an author.

When advising conservatives about how to navigate liberal-dominated academia, he counsels them to choose “a dissertation topic that’s totally non-ideological … ” and to omit experiences from their resume that reveal their conservatism when they’re seeking employment in higher education.

Dr. Kengor asserted that, “… you end up with this incestuous group of like-minded liberals in these monolithic departments who are running around claiming diversity and tolerance … ” But this diversity does not include thought diversity Dr. Kengor explained: “Their idea of diversity extends to sex, gender and race—it does not apply to ideas.”

(Sound though Dr. Kengor’s advice always is, it should be noted that it may yet prove problematic in a day and age in which academics are making political statements about persons, places and things which have always been, up until now, apolitical: trees in Israel, for example. Moreover, even the most covert conservatives in academe will be finished if their coworkers learn that they are regular churchgoers.—ed.)

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