History Professor Criticizes the NRA, Clamors for Repeal the Second Amendment

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A history professor at a New York state university blamed the National Rifle Association for the recent mass shooting and is pushing to repeal the Second Amendment. Michael Oberg, who works at the State University of New York at Geneseo, wrote an opinion editorial that sounded much similar to gun control lobby talking points.

In his editorial, which is entitled, “Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment,” he said that it is an outdated amendment of the U.S. Constitution and would never have been ready for today’s advance weaponry:

So let’s repeal the Second Amendment. It is dated, lethal, and morally abhorrent. The Constitution is not a sacred text. It is a framework for government, the product of dozens of compromises. The men who framed the document envisioned that it would be changed. They made the process difficult and time-consuming, but it has happened.

He concluded with the following:

Repealing the Second Amendment would deprive no one of their guns, but it would empower the Congress and state legislatures to do something effectively to end the slaughter. Some jurisdictions will act with a decision to limit magazines and increase background checks, and others will not. But let’s get rid of this antiquated and blood-drenched amendment, and let’s end the slaughter.

The NRA advocates an untrammeled right to keep and bear arms and asserts the constitutional right to do so. The Supreme Court has provided support. Meanwhile the slaughter continues. Let’s disarm the constitution, repeal that part of it that provides cover for the NRA.  At our current pace, we will continue to bury too many victims of gun violence each month.