How You Pay for Cal State Communism

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The leader of a NASA-funded climate change project is scheduled to speak about the dangers of capitalism at an event sponsored by the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), a spin-off from the old Communist Party USA.

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) professor David Klein runs the NASA-funded Climate Science Program at CSUN. A mathematical physicist and professor of mathematics at CSUN, Klein also co-founded the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, and sponsors the CSUN “Boycott Israel Resource Page.”

The CCDS currently offers a booklet, “Vietnam: From National Liberation to 21st Century Socialism,” glorifying the communist dictatorship which was established when American troops withdrew from Southeast Asia and communist military forces seized South Vietnam. More than 55,000 Americans gave their lives to keep South Vietnam free.

In addition to its roots in the Moscow-funded Communist Party USA, the CCDS is probably best known as a launching pad for the career of Van Jones, the former Obama official turned CNN commentator. Jones was forced out of the Obama administration as the “Green Jobs Czar” when his communist past came to light.

Klein’s books include Capitalism and Climate Change: The Science and Politics of Global Warming. In what passes for scientific literature these days, the cover of the book shows a big dollar sign on a melting earth.

“The second part of the book clarifies and illuminates the role of capitalism in creating and perpetuating the climate crisis and related dangers,” the synopsis explains. “Clear evidence and compelling arguments are presented to demonstrate the impossibility of adequately addressing the climate crisis within the framework of capitalism.”

The Klein talk for CCDS is advertised as a telephone discussion that requires use of the password “ecosocialism” in order to listen and participate. That seems appropriate.

We are told that the CSUN Climate Science Program was created with funding from NASA. Students are “encouraged to enroll in climate science courses offered through this program, housed within the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, and Geography.”

This is how a “consensus” in favor of “climate change” develops. Federal money is used to pay professors who “educate” students about the current socialist agenda, leading to the production of more scientists who accept the consensus that they’re told already exists. This, in turn, leads to media acceptance of the “consensus,” by virtue of the sheer numbers of professors accepting the theory and seeking more federal money to validate it.

Klein’s talk is part of an ongoing CCDS socialist agenda that goes by the catchy title, “Resist, Resist, Resist the White House agenda. Build, Build, Build the Progressive Majority.”

Described as a longtime activist in many different left-wing causes, Klein is the faculty advisor for the CSUN’s Students for Justice in Palestine and for the CSUN Greens. His website tells us that “The U.S. Green party has endorsed BDS and the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.”

The BDS is the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

Accuracy in Media was unable to discover how much taxpayer money from NASA was used to underwrite Klein’s anti-capitalist campaign, but we did discover at least some of the funding for the CSUN Climate Science Program came through a program called NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE).

The NICE website declares, “Seventy-one NICE projects, located at organizations across the United States, have been awarded funds thus far through NICE and its predecessor projects—NASA’s Global Climate Change Education and Innovations in Global Climate Change Education—for developing innovative and engaging ways to better educate students and the public on the science surrounding climate.”

No wonder your kids are coming home from school believing in the climate change hysteria.

President Trump has asked his daughter Ivanka, a fashion designer, to review the United States’ commitment to the Paris climate change agreement, which was signed for the purpose of reducing the global CO2 emissions blamed for global warming, or climate change.

But Obama refused to submit the agreement for Congressional approval, and Trump with a stroke of the pen can pull the U.S. out.

It’s mystifying why Trump has not followed through. One possible explanation is that his daughter Ivanka wants him to maintain the flawed agreement. She apparently thinks this will make her father more acceptable to the liberals.

Somebody should brief her on the Watergate madness that consumed the presidency of Richard Nixon.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, and can be contacted at This column is excerpted from an article that he wrote for AIM.


7 Responses

  1. Wingnut

    May 24, 2017 9:50 am

    “taxpayer money” – there’s no such thing. You’re programmed to believe there is.

    Money has no titles of ownership. It is a federal reserve note… owned by that org. They can print more of it… at any time, and they do.

    Tax’s lone purpose is to keep people “in their place” and ranting about something. It helps keep the US vs THEM wars going.

    I think you should learn a bit more about pyramid schemes packed with servitude and “do it or else” extortion… such as capitalism. Keeping a large group of people… “over a barrel”, “behind the 8-ball”, desperate… in fear for survival… is how it keeps its “slavecorp” or “servantcorp”. These are the folks that capitalists place “orders”-to, and they must be fulfilled, OR ELSE they are “fired” or “terminated”. Nice! They are kept in a desperate-for-greenbacks condition.

    Study capitalism… notice it is a servitude festival and a “OR STARVE, OR DIE, OR ELSE” extortion fest, far worse than Elliot Ness EVER imagined in his wildest dreams.

    Be well.

  2. Cato

    June 3, 2017 12:53 am

    Actually, socialism is a system of slavery. Without monetary incentives, the only way to get people to work is through force. Witness the forced labor camps and collective farms that are features of all communist countries.

  3. Wingnut

    June 3, 2017 8:09 am

    Cato, do you think “get a job or starve/or else” isn’t forcing?

    How about ASKING folks to help with beneficial-to-Team-World projects? Sure, it might take some motivational speakers, and some nice pride-instilling uniforms/ribbons, but it works. MOST folks WANT to be part of something important, and WANT to have a great purpose. They want and NEED to be included and feel that their words and deeds are heard, if not heeded.

    Honey, not vinegar, ya know? EVERYONE on the entire Earth… would be a vital meber of government. Would you be willing to AT LEAST give it a try? The current pyramid scheme system (capitalism) will never ever work properly. Too much “ordering”.

    Notice… not a single other living creature on the entire planet… uses economies (money, ownership, price tags). No deer, bird, or insect… concerns itself with No Trespassing signs. Not a single title of ownership or For Sale sign existed when man first arrived on Earth. Ownership is not natural.

    But, one upon a time, little Susie made a mound of sand on the beach, labeled it has owned by her, and hired an Army of police using wage-slavery… to “squat” her little sand castle. She garnered a BELIEF that it was all for her OWN self… even though it will ALWAYS belong to Team Earth, which is ALL the living creatures on the planet.

    Capitalism is a disgusting little game that children sometimes play… a hoarding festival. Hoarders and emBANKers dangle trinkets (wages) and well-being for the desperate-to-survive to leap-for and dance-for. And the caps think this is okay, good, right, and somehow moral. Hardly. The caps are just fooling themselves, and it will come back to bite them. In fact, it’s already biting.

    Just like the childhood farmyard pyramids of children, weight of the world and knees in the backs of the kids on the bottom… it will collapse due to crushed kids. Pyramids of people ALWAYS collapse and hurt folk. Capitalism is no different. Get off the snort/self-foolery, caps. Hurry.

  4. Wingnut

    June 3, 2017 12:40 pm

    A quick extra note … 🙂

    The way to make people “get to” go to work instead-of “have to” go to work… is to make the worksite… VERY enjoyable.

    or example… if suddenly, World Needs TV announced that a toilet paper factory/warehouse had burned to the ground… in Mexico. A FLOOD of volunteers and logistics experts (supply managers) spring into action. Airlines fly experts and workers… and ENTERTAINERS to the scene… proudly, free of charge. (there’s no such thing as money) This is a “mission critical” class A-3 World Project… so we ALL go mobile. We’re on-the-case, proudly.

    It’s called Treehouse Teaming… the same imagineering energy that a group of neighborhood dads might somehow spearhead. There’s no bosses, no unhappiness… but there is amazing engineering, enthusiasm, and spirit. Moms are cooking-up sloppy joes and the kids are marveling at their dads… learning both how to build…. AND how to create a loving team spirit and how to share.

    If our world used Treehouse Teaming instead-of Chicago mob-like “pay-up OR ELSE” felony extortion, we would then have something to be proud-of. There would be fairness and equality. I think you will find that folks are MUCH more willing to volunteer to do SOME work… if EVERYONE ELSE is TRYING to doing the same, as best they can.
    It’s similar to USA military base society. All military are on the same team, taking care of one another, and never being rationed on well-being. To hurt ONE member of “team”, hurts ALL of team. We all know this to be true… because it is. Cooperation has ALWAYS been much more friendly, kind, fair, moral, wise… than competition. The ONLY thing we should NEVER cooperate-with… is competing. 🙂

  5. Wingnut

    June 4, 2017 11:18 am

    How about a bit more? 🙂

    Sorry for being a bit off-topic, here. We still need to pay for anti-capitalist classes, somehow, and it might be unfair to ask capitalists to pay for those. That’s the actual topic, here.

    But I want to talk about issue management and decision-making… in a “Team World” commune where everyone is part of the government, so everyone has “a say” and a vote… on every Team World issue, if they choose to “weigh-in”.
    It’s called… “decision-by-committee” and it is THE SLOWEST thing on the planet, even surpassing snails, slowness-wise. The “network” that will be needed to facilitate decision-by-committee (DBC)… will have to be wonderful. Not only must it allow voting from everyone, but it must also facility LEARNING ABOUT those issues… in order for the voter to make an “informed” decision.

    And, ideally, our new “prediction softwares” will TRY to map/show the far-reaching ramifications of decisions (the ‘fall-out’). Gruesome!

    Commune software and its necesasary computer networks and knowledge bases… are no small task, but a VERY worthy and important task… for a Team World commune. Be well, guys. Sorry if I made anyone angry.

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