Lies Feminists Told Me

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

And the main one is “You can have it all.” Even loyal Democrats who point this out risk reproof by other progressives, as a certain Obama Administration appointee discovered when she made tis very point in The Atlantic.

“You can’t have it all at once,” Mona Charen—author, syndicated columnist, wife and mother of three sons—told an audience of mostly conservative, college-age women at the annual conference of the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) on June 22, 2018. Moreover, feminism is not resonating with this latest generation of women, Charen observes, because:

• “It is too extreme;”

• “It doesn’t speak to the real world;” and

• “It is anti-male.”

A great example of all of the above is this tweet by Lena Dunham: “I’d rather fall in a hundred manholes than have some dude tell me, ‘Watch your step.’” Ironically, as Charen sees it, modern-day feminism owes its ethos to two men—“Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx.”

Nonetheless, Charen sees some positive trends among young women today. “Women are having fewer sexual partners than they did 20 years ago,” she avers. She advised the young ladies at the NeW conference, “It’s more important who you choose as a life partner than what you do as a career.”