Media’s continued obsession of 1619 Project ignores 1776 Commission

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Nikole Hannah-Jones has become a media darling and a public advocate for historical revisionism in America (i.e. revising the past based on today’s narratives or political beliefs). She is consistently invited for on-camera interviews or appearances on mainstream media networks and is the face of Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory is the flawed and inaccurate theory that claims all longtime or established American institutions, whether they be political, legal, or educational, are inherently racist and are biased against black Americans. It promotes the unproven argument that America has not progressed from the allegedly embedded racism in these institutions, despite history proving the theory and its supporters wrong.

Hannah-Jones is an advocate (or activist) in favor of spreading Critical Race Theory from colleges and universities into K-12 education. Parents have risen up in school districts across the country to resist efforts from the likes of Hannah-Jones, but she is not giving up in face of parent-driven resistance.

Instead, she has doubled down on the flawed theory and is safely entrenched at Howard University, a historically-black university in Washington, D.C. which left leaning policies and practices AIA has been covering for years.

Over the past year, she has done at least multiple on-camera appearances for the likes of CBS News, CNN, MSNBC, TIME Magazine, The Hill, ABC’s The View, USA Today, in addition to local news outlets in places such as North Carolina. She has also been written about a lot, too, with articles on platforms such as CNN, NPR, LA Times, Vanity Fair, and NBC News.

In short, the mainstream media apparatus backs her and promotes her and her ideology.

Compared to members of the 1776 Commission, which is the conservative, parent-approved alternative to Hannah-Jones’s 1619 Project, there have been only a handful of articles and on-camera interviews in local news or state-based outlets. Few, if any of their members, have gone on mainstream media (outside of Fox News) to counter Hannah-Jones’s claims about her 1619 Project.

Why is there a huge gap between public exposure of Nikole Hannah-Jones compared to 1776 Commission members such as Larry Arnn, Carol Swain, Victor Davis Hanson, or Ben Carson?

It is because the mainstream media is invested in Critical Race Theory and in Hannah-Jones, but not invested in historical contextual accuracy.