Missouri attorney general sues school district over Critical Race Theory

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The parent revolution against Critical Race Theory has reached Springfield, Missouri and is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to restore sanity in America’s education system.

Fox News reported that Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed a lawsuit against the Springfield Public School district over allegations that the district violated a transparency law. Specifically, the district may have restricted public access to teacher and staff training which promoted Critical Race Theory.

Schmitt said, “Today we sued Springfield Public Schools on behalf of parents to find out exactly what is being taught to their children, especially as teachers and staff are attending trainings where they’re required to consult an ‘oppression matrix’ and other materials.” He added, “Springfield Public Schools have stonewalled parents and a state representative, but they will not stonewall the Attorney General’s Office.”

The lawsuit claimed that the public school district publicly acknowledged it had been pushing Critical Race Theory trainings onto its teachers and staff. In the district’s December 2020 report, it said that district leaders and staff participated in a one-day training from the Facing Racism Institute. The goal of the training, according to the district, was to “introduce the components of critical race theory from educational research with applications to the district.”

The training had several slides that listed “socially acceptable” examples of “covert white supremacy,” such as “calling the police on black people,” “English-only initiatives,” “All lives matter,” and “claiming reverse racism.”

There was also a slide of an “Oppression Matrix,” which listed “white people” as a “privileged social group” and claimed that minorities are found in the “Oppressed Social Groups.” It also dove into gender identity issues, such as transgenderism among the oppressed social group.

A Springfield Public Schools spokesperson said that the district is “disappointed” by the lawsuit and called it “a loud, divisive, and misguided distraction.” He claimed that this was “an attempt to intimidate SPS, and while it will not prevail, it will unfortunately require considerable taxpayer resources to defend.” The district said it will “seek appropriate reimbursement” for “the requests for thousands of emails of district staff over several years.” The statement also said that the district “has been very clear: Critical Race Theory is not being taught in our classrooms.” Instead, the district is “focused on equity, not CRT,” he insisted.

However, equity is a common term used by the Left to impose its ideology. Equality is treating all the same under the law, but equity prioritizes certain groups of people (in this case, minorities or the LGBTQ+ community) over other groups.