More Good News For College Grads

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

And possibly for people with only a high school diploma. “Job postings exceeded the number of unemployed people by 659,000 in July, the most in data back to 2000,” Katia Dmitrieva reported in Bloomberg News. “Along with the number of quitters, the gap helps explain why wages rose in August at the fastest pace since 2009, as employers struggle to find qualified workers and Americans become more confident in leaving their jobs for better pay elsewhere amid Republican-backed tax cuts that have boosted the economy.”

How did that last sentence make it into Bloomberg News? Yet and still, Dmitieva shows that there may be a mismatch between what universities like to teach and the labor force: “Openings increased in manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, and finance and insurance; decreased in retail, educational services, federal government.”