Moving On From Anti-Koch Activism?

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Transparent GMU, an anti-Koch student activist group, runs out of the northern Virginia-based George Mason University. The group is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against libertarian philanthropist Charles Koch’s foundation which bears his name, and a private foundation that has ties to George Mason University.

Now, the student group signed onto a letter protesting the use of hummus that has ties to the state of Israel, according to The College Fix. Among other co-signers on the letter are pro-Palestine and progressive student groups. Their target is the company Sabra, which makes hummus that is sold at George Mason University. Sabra has been a constant target by pro-Palestine activists at many American universities.

As we have found when we covered Transparent GMU, despite their “dark money” claims against Charles Koch, TGMU itself is funded by “dark money” organizations. For example, a main partner of Transparent GMU is Greenpeace, a liberal environmental extremist group. Among other partner groups are groups tied to liberal philanthropist George Soros, who runs the Open Society Foundation.

The lawsuit is still underway, but in the meantime, it seems that Israeli hummus now has the ire of an anti-Koch student activist group in the Washington, D.C. bubble.