No Break for ROTC

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Washington insiders who hoped that the repeal of the ban on homosexuals serving in the military would encourage colleges to allow ROTC back on their campuses are very likely to see their hopes dashed yet again. “Several student organizations have launched a new campaign against the return of ROTC to college campuses in light of the repeal of DADT due to their policy of discrimination towards transgender service members,” Alok Vaid-Menon of the National Marriage Boycott states. “The National Marriage Boycott, the largest national youth-led LGBT rights organization, has called for youth activists on college campuses that include gender identity in their non-discrimination clause to oppose the introduction or return of ROTC to their institutions.”

“ On the campus of Stanford University Students for Queer Liberation, an LGBTQ rights group, is currently lobbying Stanford administration and organizing against the return of ROTC to campus.”

“Now, more than ever, is the time for college students across the country to take a stand and organize against transgender discrimination, an issue that has been historically ignored by the mainstream gay rights agenda” said Vaid-Menon, President of Stanford Students for Queer Liberation. “A re-introduction of ROTC on college campuses (including Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia) that include ‘gender identity’ in their non-discrimination clause is a fundamental violation of policy and an endorsement of discrimination.”

“The Military Leadership Diversity Commission issued the recommendation of a ban on transgender service member as part of a draft report on diversity in the services,” Vaid-Menon notes. “The final report is due to lawmakers this spring and commission members are meeting this week in Virginia to debate final changes.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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