Not Much Support For Silent Sam Vandals

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

The vandals who took down a statue they found offensive at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill actually have little support. “As for Silent Sam, whatever you think of keeping the century-old Confederate memorial prominently displayed on campus, was it right for vandals to take the law into their own hands? Should removal now be considered a fait accompli, even if accomplished by criminal means?” John Hood writes in the Carolina Journal. “I think not, and I’m hardly alone.”

“According to a new Civitas Institute poll, 70 percent of likely North Carolina voters disapprove of the protesters toppling Silent Sam. Only 22 percent endorse it. A larger (but still not majority) share, 39 percent, favor ‘legally removing Confederate monuments and memorials,’ demonstrating that many North Carolinians are quite capable of making ethical distinctions.”