Notes From A Public School Teacher

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· Contrary to what the ‘gender equity’ experts would have us believe, girls overwhelmingly outperform boys in virtually every leadership and academic field in high school, at least from what I have seen.

· Throughout human history virtually every race, ethnic group, and civilization has been the recipient of evil deeds from other peoples and civilizations (conquest, oppression, brutality). So why, from what I have seen, have generation after generation of Americans been taught to believe that the European conquest of the New World was somehow particularly heinous and indicative of the inherent evil of white Europeans?

· So many of the silly fads found in schools today are simply a byproduct of the minds of busy-bodies whose lives center around the need to protect the rest of us from the evils of the world (guns, second-hand smoke, fast food, pollution).

· Good intentions are well and fine. But when the holders of the good intentions ignore consequences, costs are incurred. Case in point: self-esteem advocates and their destructive ideas.

· All cultures are not equal.

· From the “lack of humanity” file: anti-Vietnam war protesters routinely wrapped themselves in a cloak of compassion and peace but have yet to acknowledge or take responsibility for the genocide inflicted upon millions of innocent civilians by Vietnamese communists (peaceful agrarian reformers according to leftists) after the withdrawal of the US.

· Could there be sillier, more insipid phrase than “celebrate diversity”?

· If students provide a needed service to their community and they happen to make a profit from this service, why are they told that it is not community service?

· The word “hate”’ is such a bargain to the left. Simple attachment of “hate” (hate crime, hate speech, hate group) allows them to produce powerful negative images with a minimal amount of work or imagination.

· Is it just me or does it seem that liberals need a constant dose of flattery for all the inane ideas they come up with, especially in education?

· Every day in American public schools young people are being subtly terrorized into thinking that they can contract AIDS just as easily as the promiscuous homosexual and the needle-sharing drug addict.

· A one-man skit at a local high school designed to “educate” young people about harmful relationships makes it very clear that males and masculinity are the root cause.

· Over the years, vast amounts of human energy, lives, and suffering have been spent to dismantle institutional racism in this country. It’s tragic and so very sad that a new form of institutional racism (affirmative action) has simply replaced it on many of our nation’s campuses.

· Picture a line graph that compares welfare spending to illegitimacy and crime rates from 1960 to 1985. The average 12 year-old could see the pattern. So how come two generations of liberal intellectual adults cannot?

· Public schools have done a remarkably good job in convincing millions of young people that their wants and desires are actually rights.

· The infestation of political correctness is so very subtle. The school district I teach in recently hired a police officer (gun and all) to spend several hours a week in our schools. He’s referred to as a “resource” officer.

· My school district, like most others, has specific policies that prohibit discrimination based on gender. So why is it that a year doesn’t go by without our participating in programs designed for girls only?

· History is what actually happened.

· Conservatives are keenly aware of what they do not know. Liberals are utterly oblivious to what they do not know.

· One of the pillars of multiculturalism is a virulent contempt of Western culture. Only problem is… multiculturalism itself is a product of modern Western philosophy.

Ike Morgan is a Math and Physics Teacher at Nokomis High School in Newport, Maine.