Oppressive Orientation At Cornell

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Because diversity begins at the doorway. “Student ambassadors at Cornell University were given an ‘orientation packet’ ahead of welcoming the incoming freshman class,” Grace Gottschling reports on the Campus Reform site maintained by the Leadership Institute. “The packet contains a sheet of categories labeling certain groups as having ‘privilege’ or being ‘oppressed.'”

“Campus Reform obtained a copy of the document from a concerned student who felt the content was inappropriate. The sheet outlines social issues and designates certain demographics as privileged or oppressed in a ‘U.S. Context.’ The 15 categories range from gender identity to martial/parental status, education level, and ‘use of English.'”

“Over the course of three weeks, Campus Reform gave Cornell University multiple opportunities to confirm or deny the packet was distributed. University spokesman John Carberry eventually responded to Campus Reform on Wednesday but did not deny the student’s account, saying that Cornell ‘will not be participating’ or commenting on the issue.”