Oregon training teachers in “anti-racism” ideology

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Anti-racism is one of the latest buzzwords circulated by the Left in education, and it has made its way into public education at the state and local levels. Fox News reported that Oregon’s Department of Education is funding almost $2 million for an “anti-racism” fellowship for K-12 teachers.

The fellowship will last for 23 months and will cost $1,929,637.50, with the goal of teaching up to 600 teachers on how to reject America’s “Eurocentric worldview” of “individualism” while creating “racially affirming environments” for students.

The fellowship is funded by a state law called the Student Success Act, which is a $2 billion investment in K-12 education to improve “access and opportunities for students who have been historically underserved in the education system.” To apply, applicants have to show they have an “equity lens or tool” to avoid ignoring marginalized groups.

One of its so-called arcs for “decentering” stated, “We are more than our titles and more than the roles we’ve been assigned; this arc will create space for each fellow to identify and unpack their multiple identities of self.”

In short, one of the narratives of the fellowship is erasing one’s individualism in the name of communal, one-size-fits-all approach often promoted by communists and socialists.

A second arc said that it will focus on “unlearning” things such as “harmful practices that deny self, story, relationship, and context” while having the teachers “practice understanding themselves as a grounded bridge between curriculum and their students.”

Overall, the Oregon Department of Education hopes that the fellowship will help teachers “deepen” their understanding “of the individual, the institutional and the systemic impacts of racism on schools and communities.” It will also provide an opportunity for teachers to create a project that “disrupts a racist pattern/practice/policy, or works towards liberation/equity/decolonization.”

It is no wonder that parents across the country are revolting against education bureaucracies and local school boards, which have imposed these left-wing ideologies into public schools without parental permission.