Pennsylvania school officials deny Critical Race Theory taught in its district

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Critical Race Theory is a lightning rod for controversy and criticism in public education and has led to parents demanding answers from their school districts. Add Quaker Valley School District to the list of districts which publicly stated that the theory is far from being taught in its schools.

The school district, located a half-hour’s drive northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, told its constituents that Critical Race Theory is not a part of its curriculum. Assistant superintendent Andrew Surloff said on September 21, “We don’t have anything in the curriculum that is critical race theory or espouses toward or aligns specifically with critical race theory.”

Surloff noted that the district is evaluating its curriculum, while school superintendent Tammy Andreyko added that the district does not envision the theory as “something we would go through and adopt as a major project.” Andreyko said that Critical Race Theory “shouldn’t be confused with culturally responsive teaching, understanding our children, answering their questions, understanding their practices.”

Andreyko stated, “Facts aren’t political; they are facts.” She added, “We have to separate the two a little bit. We do have conversations related to what is happening in the national communication. What is happening in communication and happening on television or what questions we’ve had in the community.”

Also, Andreyko said that it is important to her that the district creates “equitable learning for all students” while helping them “fall in love with learning.”

The issue with using the words “equity” and “equitable” is that they are typically used by the Left to impose their vision of equality, which means that diversity, dissenting beliefs and opinions will likely be repressed or outlawed under their rule.

Quaker Valley School District is not alone in declining to add Critical Race Theory to its curriculum. Other school districts across the country that resist Critical Race Theory tend to be in rural or suburban areas that are politically red or politically moderate.

Critical Race Theory is the flawed theory that which claims all longtime or established American institutions, whether they be political, legal, or educational, are inherently racist and are biased against black Americans. It promotes the unproven argument that America has not progressed from the allegedly embedded racism in these institutions, despite history proving the theory and its supporters wrong.