Petition of 65,000 Demand YouTube Remove Video Restrictions on PragerU’s Videos

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

From the College Fix:

Nearly 65,000 people have signed a petition in the span of a week calling on YouTube to unblock educational videos put on the site by the conservative nonprofit Prager University.

The videos that have been blacklisted represent 10 percent of the PragerU collection and tackle subjects such as race relations, terrorism and higher education. YouTube categorized them into “restricted mode,” meant for inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content.

In an emailed statement to The College Fix, a Google representative (YouTube is owned by Google) stated that “we haven’t age-restricted any of the videos” although “people who have chosen to enable the Restricted Mode setting on YouTube may not see these videos. While educational, the videos are about sensitive topics such as rape and terrorism which may not be suitable for all audiences.”

Photo by Gage Skidmore