Pistol Packin’ Teachers?

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

A school district in southwestern Virginia is actually ready to let teachers keep and bear arms. “A small school district in far southwestern Virginia is set to become the first in the commonwealth to arm teachers in classrooms — a decision that is prompting criticism from the state’s top law enforcement official,” Debbie Truong and Joe Heim report in The Washington Post. “The five-member Lee County School Board voted unanimously last week to approve a plan that will select an undisclosed number of teachers and staff members to carry concealed weapons or store them in safes on school property.”

“Applicants will undergo background screenings and psychological evaluations, and those who are selected will receive training this summer, school officials said. They said they expect the plan to be implemented by September for the 11 schools in the 3,200-student district.” In other words, they introduced checks and balances on this policy, but maybe not enough for state officials.

“We recently found out about this scheme, and we’re looking into it,” Michael Kelly, a spokesman for the state’s attorney general, stated. “It’s troubling to learn that people are putting so much time and effort into getting around the law and getting more guns into schools when the focus should clearly be on creating a safe, welcoming learning environment.”