Political Scientists To Hold Hackathon

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Not to hack into our computers, so far as we know, but to explore topics we working stiffs may never get to consider. On August 31 in Boston, “During the Hackathon, professors will be split up into teams, each of which will examine a different question, such as ‘How Can We Make Political Science Education More Intersectional?,’ ‘Using Genomics to Teach About Race,’ and ‘What Can Men do to Advance Women’s Equality in the Discipline?,'” Zachary Petrizzio reports on the Campus Reform blog maintained by The Leadership Institute. “Brigham Young University Professor Jessica Preece, for instance, is on the ‘Women’s Equality’ team along with Columbia University Professor Macartan Humphreys, the goal of which is to ‘develop a set of ideas or materials that will guide male faculty who wish to be allies in the effort to promote the advancement of women and “female-identifying” scholars in the discipline.'”