Professor Blames President Trump For Pittsburgh Shooting

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

The day after the mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, a political science professor took the opportunity, in an interview on Al Araby TV, to blame the assault on the U. S. president. “When U.S. President Donald Trump incites this hatred and delivers speeches that are hostile to everybody, he is definitely the reason for such crimes today,” Abeer Kayed, who until last year was an adjunct faculty member at Howard University in Washington D.C., said.

She claimed that, “First of all, we are facing a president who needs to be held accountable by the Department of Justice. I’m responsible for what I’m saying. There are several reasons for this. Since Trump was elected, and even during his elections campaign, his slogans were: ‘Shut down all the mosques,’ ‘banish Islam,’ ‘terrorist Islam,’ and so on.” The Jewish News Syndicate provided excerpts of the interview.

We’ve been trying to unearth incidents in which the president said any of these things and are trying to make contact with the professor in order to verify the quotes.