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5062733545_c74bb58339_b_university-of-marylandBut the state-funded University of Maryland had described its “Queer Beyond Repair” symposium as laying the groundwork for a total and complete revolution, away from “imperial rule and anti-blackness” to exploring “the psychic and material structures of liberal politics itself.”

It goes on: “This queerness insists on forms of reinvention, if not defiance, in excess of the states of decay we have inherited or the symptoms of disrepair we have learned to uncover. It asks us to be estranged from the present as is, even as we acknowledge the limit conditions set by our fear of or incuriosity about what might lie beyond life as we know it.”

If none of the “Queer Beyond Repair” conference makes any sense to you, then you have the following UMD sponsors of this event to thank:

  • College of Arts and Humanities
  • The Graduate School
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Office of Undergraduate Studies
  • School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Center for Literary and Comparative Studies
  • Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Communication
  • Department of English
  • Department of History
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Women’s Studies
  • The LGBT Equity Center

On the website for “Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies” at [Dr. Tom] Roach’s Bryant University in Minnesota, students are told about future careers and post-grad opportunities. “With a concentration or a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, you will learn to think critically about privilege, power, stereotypes, and discrimination, which is valuable in the marketplace as organizations address issues of globalization and diversity,” students are told.

It appears this kind of thinking is already very common in the Obama administration, starting at the top, with Obama himself. His childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a notorious pornographer and pervert who seemed to function as the future President’s sex teacher.

No wonder reports indicate that Obama is now preparing to designate a gay bar once controlled by the Mafia as a national landmark.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, and can be contacted at cliff.kincaid@aim.org

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Photo by carmichaellibrary