Rocky Horror State U?

, Deborah Lambert, 1 Comment

“The University of Houston-Downtown has about 14,000 students and, while Wikipedia says UHD students are 39% Hispanic, 29% African American, 20% white, 9% Asian American, the percentage of transgendered students is evidently unknown,” according to College Insurrection.

Nevertheless, with the encouragement of “the university’s new Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” UHD is now creating “gender-neutral” restrooms to accommodate the, uh, gender neutral. And this regime is “coming soon to a college near you,” as Aleister at College Insurrection says.


Why does a campus with such a diverse student body need a “Center for Student Diversity”? Doesn’t the student diversity seem to be taking care of itself without supervision?

Does anyone else remember when coed dorms were considered a scandalous idea? Or better yet, does anyone remember when many colleges were either all-male or all-female?

Given that 26 million people live in Texas, if a student body of 14,000 contains enough transgender people to justify “gender-neutral” restrooms, isn’t it possible that Texas could create an all-transgender university, just for them?


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  1. Sandy

    February 21, 2014 5:49 pm

    So, your solution is to force transgendered people to only be able to go to one college? And that’s your idea of freedom? Deny people access to student facilities and then segregate them because of their differences? Where are they supposed to go to the bathroom? Do you think they should be denied admittance to the school?

    I had co-ed bathrooms in my college dorm. All showers and stalls were separate, no urinals. We were weirded out for a couple of days, but all got really used to it. Not a single incidence of rape or sexual misconduct occurred in the two years I lived there.

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