Rutgers Students Unhappy with Statement Praising Trump

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John DeLuca, a law student at Rutgers University, co-wrote a joint statement on behalf of the Student Bar Association (SBA) Safety and Wellness Committee with the Federalist Society. The statement praised President Donald Trump for his recent foreign policy actions in negotiating a summit with the North Korean government in order to demonstrate the student body’s hypocrisy on issuing statements without having the authority to do so, Campus Reform reported.

At Rutgers, another SBA committee, the Social Equity Committee, had issued an unauthorized statement supporting a local American Indian tribe in a dispute with a New Jersey township. The town of Mahwah sued the Ramapough tribe over building tents and teepees in their town, which protested the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota and the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline in New Jersey.

The tribe would not dismantle their camp, which the city of Mahwah asked the tribe to do. Even after winning a court decision, the decision has not been set in stone as negotiations continue between the two parties.

The Social Equity Committee, without having authority from the SBA and Rutgers, still issued a statement supporting the tribe. The committee chairperson refused to revoke the statement after being approached by DeLuca.