Separating School and State

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Today Liberty Counsel filed a complaint with the IRS, asking the agency
to investigate the tax-exempt status of Americans United for
Separation of Church and State (“AU”). 

Our complaint follows last week’s letter by AU against Liberty
University. AU has engaged in a consistent pattern of filing
complaints against conservative churches and nonprofit
organizations. Its statements are designed to intimidate, silence,
and harm those with whom it disagrees.

AU’s activity is reckless because the group fails to
investigate the accuracy of its statements when making a
complaint. While the IRS considers such complaints confidential and
will not release information to the public on pending
investigations, AU is only interested in getting its name in the

AU’s actions violate the same tax-exempt laws it pretends to
uphold and the group has become merely a façade for a liberal agenda
and the Democratic Party. This group has crossed the line one too
many times. The IRS needs to put a stop to AU’s partisan
intimidation tactics.

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for more details.

Read our Complaint to the IRS about AU

This article is excerpted from a Liberty Counsel press release