Sheriff David Clarke Rejects the Term “Police Brutality”

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25263412109_9266488448_b_sheriff-david-clarkePolice officers fear being prosecuted for performing their duties Sheriff David Clarke explained saying, “…they’re not afraid to do their job, but they’re afraid of … the United States Department of Justice and their jack-booted goon lawyers at the civil rights division who have the American police officer in their crosshairs.”

While the Black Lives Matter movement advances a “police brutality” narrative, Sheriff Clarke states that “ … the US DOJ civil rights division sees the American police officer as the enemy and they just see the criminals as victims.”

Officers now risk their reputation, livelihood, and liberty for doing their job, and this hostile environment discourages law enforcement professionals from practicing the “assertive policing” that Sheriff Clarke describes as “ … the best tactic you can use to keep the criminals on their heels. Stuff like stop, question, and frisk is assertive policing.”

Noting the fact that the police have historically faced similar hostilities, he said “ … the difference between now and in the 60s is the political class supported the police during that time that this anarchist movement declared war on the police. This time you fast forward to now and the political class has sided with this disgusting movement … ”

Sheriff Clarke links this anti-cop narrative to the growth of crime. “Look at how the crime rates have skyrocketed in Baltimore, in Milwaukee, in Chicago, in LA, in other large major urban areas where you have high concentrations of black population the violence has spiked, it is not a little uptick, it is a spike…”

Repudiating the phrase “police brutality” as a mischaracterization “ … used … to enrage and to excite people … ” Sheriff Clarke discussed his objection to using this term.

“I looked up the definition of brutality so I could get a working definition … and the definition that I found in, it says ‘savage physical violence.’ Let me give you some examples of savage physical violence: ISIS engages in savage physical violence by cutting off the heads of live human beings and video taping it and putting it out on the internet — that is savage physical violence. Putting somebody in a cage, like ISIS has done, pouring gasoline around it and setting it on fire is savage physical violence. What Planned Parenthood was accused of doing late last year or earlier this year, cutting up fetuses into parts and selling them on the open market to the highest bidder is savage physical violence. What we’re talking about with the police is not savage physical violence, it’s police use of force.”

Sheriff Clarke explained that this force represents “a very awesome power” that “ … should be scrutinized. But it is an option that police officers can use in the rarest of situations to defend their life or the life of somebody else.”

Alex Nitzberg is an intern at the American Journalism Center at Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. terryk

    July 5, 2016 12:36 pm

    So police brutality isn’t “brutal” because it’s not at ISIS level? Interesting way to redefine things.

  2. Baron_of_Greymatter

    July 6, 2016 4:23 pm

    Why not just call it “crime,” and the people who commit it, “criminals?”

  3. REALConservative

    July 6, 2016 7:08 pm

    Clarke is just another sloganeering statist just like trump.

    Notice that while Clarke loves getting attention, he now no longer appears opposite a guest with an opposing view. It’s because Clarke becomes incoherent just like trump when he is expected to debate and all he can do us repeat words like “disgusting” and “vermin.”

  4. jinxed13

    July 8, 2016 12:56 am

    I’m sure you’d like Clarke more if he was to whine about having faced racism and injustice because he’s black. He is willing to debate and he’s not going to bow down to criminal apologists and whiners, nor will he apologize for saying “all lives matter.” Should he be proud of how blacks behaved in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, and now Dallas? Should he be defending black lawlessness because he’s black? Should he ignore the spike in crimes committed by blacks against other blacks because black lives only matter if a black is killed by a white cop, but not if a black is killed by another black? Should he be determining how he enforces the law by the race of the criminals versus the race of the victims? I would be honored to work for Sheriff Clarke as a deputy, but unfortunately I’m too old to go back into law enforcement.

  5. jinxed13

    July 8, 2016 1:01 am

    I suppose you mean that crime isn’t crime if it’s committed by a black person and black criminals should be given love, understanding, and a pass to commit more crimes. Love how the liberal mind works. Waterboarding is torture, beheading people or burning them alive isn’t. Beheadings and burning people alive are just people making statements or propagating their ideology and religion.

  6. REALConservative

    July 9, 2016 5:12 am

    If you have to speculate about me to build your comment, then you have no substance.

    No, he’s not willing to debate. When he first became the darling of conservatives who hated Obama, he would appear on TV with people with opposing views and they would shred him while he just called people names and repeated things like “that’s ridiculous.” Now he will only appear if he is solo or when other guests are someone who agrees with him.

    What is the difference between “black lawlessness” and “white lawlessness?” Isn’t it all just lawlessness no matter the ethnicity of the perpetrator? What does black on black crime have to do with this? The majority of crime against white people is done by other white people. For both this year and last year, the majority of cops who died from gunfire were shot by white men.

    What is the relevancy of black men being killed by white cops? It just shows that they seem to be the only one who care. Of course you’d be honored to work for Clarke; when his own cops falsely arrested and framed a woman after one of their officers severely injured her in a car accident that was his fault, he participated in the cover up. What statist wouldn’t love a boss like that?

  7. jinxed13

    July 10, 2016 6:39 am

    More whites are killed by cops (and not just white cops), at almost double the number of black people who are killed by cops. You don’t hear much about that because whites don’t seem to riot about it. The majority of cops that are killed by blacks are white cops (and that statistic was even before Dallas). As for the majority of crime against white people being done by other white people, it depends on what the crime is. Many more white women are raped by black men than are black women raped by white men. Many more crimes perpetrated against whites by blacks are not charged as hate crimes, even if the perpetrator states that they hate whites. When a white commits a crime against a black, it is automatically assumed that racial hatred was a factor. The shooting of cops in Dallas is one case where it has been widely publicized that race was a motivator–the perpetrator hated whites and expressed the desire to kill whites, including white cops. Criminals are their own race and their only concern is about their rights, not the rights of their victims or anyone else. Excusing crime because of the race of the criminal may be politically correct and earn politicians votes my “people of color,” but it does a disservice to law abiding people of all races.
    There is no difference between white lawlessness and black lawlessness, nor is there a difference when lawlessness is Native American, Asian, or Latino lawlessness. The only difference is that racism is more often blamed for black lawlessness, whites and Asians don’t have that luxury. Even in states with large Native American populations, Native Americans have a much lower crime rate and as a result, fewer are found in prisons or jails than are other races. When a Native American is jailed, it’s usually because of DUI, public drunkenness, or drug use. Native American cultures put a great deal of emphasis in their societies on not shaming their ancestors, their clan, or their tribe by criminal behavior (and of course, other behavior that is seen as being against their culture is part of the teaching).
    Give me the name of the woman who was framed by Clarke’s deputies and I’ll change my opinion about him? Was the case publicized? By your comment, “What statist wouldn’t love a boss like that,” I presume that you are inferring that I’m a statist. Actually, I’m for limited government, but I’m against making excuses for criminal behavior, against using gender, race, or sexual orientation as an excuse for criminal behavior, and I’m definitely against looting, burning, and creating mayhem before an investigation is completed when a black person is shot by police. More blacks are killed by other blacks in a year in Chicago than are killed by cops or whites nationwide in a year. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, and even Obama say little or nothing about that, but they all are quick to blame racism when a black person is killed by a white person. Regardless of your race, if you are committing crimes, you’ll eventually come to the attention of police and will probably get arrested. The “hands up, don’t shoot” nonsense the protestors are using originally came from the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. The problem with that was in the end, witnesses testified that Michael Brown didn’t have his hands up and had actually attacked the police officer before he could get out of his cruiser,and appeared to be trying to disarm the police officer. The autopsy results confirmed that Brown was in close contact with the officer when he was shot, and Eric Holder was sent to Ferguson by the Obama Administration. Holder found that the investigation was thorough and that racism was not a factor in the shooting of Brown. Trayvon Martin, another killing that’s been an excuse for rioting, was kicked out of his mother’s house and according to texts from his cell phone, was because he had punched out a bus driver and committed some other crimes and his mother made him go to live with his father as a result. Those texts can be found online along with the other evidence presented in court at the Zimmerman trial. Freddie Gray also had a criminal history, primarily for drugs. When police told him to stop and went to approach him, he took off. Police tend to get really interested in you when you run from them. The cop who was driving the paddy wagon (and by the way, paddy wagon is a term that came about because of Irish drunks and the popularity of “Paddy” as an Irish name) that was supposed to have been driving recklessly so as to make it impossible for Gray to not be thrown to the floor or into the walls, was also black and found not guilty because video existed that showed his driving Gray from the scene of arrest.
    The latest 2 police shootings are under investigation. The one man who was shot outside of a store while he was selling DVD’s had brandished a gun at a homeless man which was why police were called to the scene. Reports have been made public that the man was a felon and shouldn’t have had a gun at all. The video that has been shown all over TV is woefully incomplete. It doesn’t show the beginning of the encounter and it doesn’t show the man being shot. That isn’t part of the video. You hear the shots, but the person taking the video has it pointed away from the incident. The other shooting of the man in the car again has a very incomplete video. The “girlfriend” who is shooting the video starts it after her “boyfriend” has been shot. I find it interesting that she’s so calm as she videos him and she’s calmly stating that he dying. One would expect someone witnessing a shooting of someone they’re involved with screaming and crying, not calmly narrating a video of the death. Most people scream when they see someone shot, unless they are the ones doing the shooting. Regardless of opinion, these cases are being investigated and the results of the investigations aren’t in yet. Rioting and protests are very premature at this point, and while they say they want justice, what they really mean is that they want convictions without trials even if the police officer was defending his own or someone else’s life. These activists aren’t quite so anxious about being convicted of crimes they commit and they definitely want their day in court and the presumption of innocence during trial, they just don’t think cops deserve their day in court or the presumption of innocence.
    Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and other “black activists,” immediately blame racism whenever a white cop kills a black person, and they don’t wait for an investigation to be completed to do so. Then Obama is rallying for gun control. He’s not interested in recovering the guns his Administration gave to Mexican drug cartels in the Fast and Furious program, not is he demanding that gangs be disarmed. Despite the fact that police are more likely to be shot by a member of the public, they still aren’t getting on the “we need gun control” bandwagon. They know that criminals don’t tend to commit crimes in front of police, the average police response time is 4 minutes, and a lot of mayhem can happen in 4 minutes, so a victim may have to defend themselves. More murders are committed by knives than are committed by guns (because knives are quiet weapons, guns aren’t), but there’s no push for knife control, or background checks before you buy a knife (kitchen knives are particularly popular, not just hunting knives). Rapists tend to prefer knives as weapons. They like to be up close and personal when they kill their victims. The shooter in the Dallas mayhem, was a follower of Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam, and other black activist groups that advocate violence against whites, and like the Obama response to shootings by Islamic terrorists in this country not being related to Islam, the affiliation with racist black groups is likely not going to be mentioned by him as contributing to the mindset of the shooter in Dallas. The shooter’s sister also was posting support of violence toward police on social media. It’s gun control or racism all the time when he talks crime. The shootings at the Orlando nightclub, he characterized as a hate crime even though the shooter was shouting the famous terrorist shout, “Allahua Akbar,” as was the shooter at Ft. Hood and in San Bernadino. I can’t disagree with Sheriff Clarke when he says that Obama and the rest of our politicians won’t address the real causes and contributors to this violence and it’s not guns and it’s not racism, it’s lawless behavior, violent behavior, and criminal behavior. The only rights a criminal cares about is their own rights, not the rights of their victims.

  8. terryk

    July 11, 2016 1:22 pm

    What does this have to do with anything I said? Nothing. Clarke is clearly redefining brutality to claim that police officers don’t engage in it.

  9. jinxed13

    July 12, 2016 2:40 pm

    Clarke never said police never engage in brutality. He has said that Obama, the media, and organizations like Black Lives Matter latch onto cases immediately before an investigation is complete and immediately claim police brutality before the facts are in. More whites are killed by police of all races, than are blacks and Latinos combined. Police have been convicted of brutality in the past and recently, they have also been convicted in cases where they accidentally killed somebody. What is going on is that crime has increased in primarily black communities in Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, and other cities because of the accusations against police before facts are in when force has been used against someone. The primary losers are the law abiding members of the black community who need protection from the predators living among them. I have years of experience having been a white female police officer in the black housing projects of a major metropolitan city. The vast majority of the residents (90+%) were law abiding people who wanted protection from the 10% of the residents who were preying upon them. Never once did I have a black victim say that they didn’t want an arrest and prosecution of their victimizer when the perpetrator was black. They wanted to be safe in their neighborhood and they knew that wouldn’t happen if we caved to allegations of racism when we arrested the predators. In the case of Sterling in Baton Rouge, police were called because he brandished a gun at a homeless man. People should expect that police will respond to that type of call when notified regardless of the race of the persons involved. Partial videos of an incident shouldn’t be considered the entire truth of what transpired during an incident. That’s why there are investigations into cases where police have used force, including deadly force. Clarke isn’t redefining brutality, he’s saying that brutality is being claimed more often than it’s being committed by police. Michael Brown is a good example. His killing caused riots, yet black witnesses to the event testified that Brown physically attacked the police officer before he even got out of his patrol car and they also testified that he attempted to take the officer’s gun. The officer received death threats regardless and left the force as a result. Had he not, not only would his life have been endangered, but the lives of his fellow officers may have been endangered as well.

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