Socialist Students Vow to Disrupt Charles Murray’s Speech at Columbia University

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Update: Murray’s lecture at Columbia University was peaceful and the socialists did not disrupt the speech, after all.

Another possible debate and lecture disrupted by the Left, with the speaker being the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar Charles Murray. This time, it is not Middlebury College, but it is Columbia University:

Socialist students are vowing to disrupt a Charles Murray lecture at Columbia University Thursday unless they are given a significant portion of the event to “expose his racism.”

The Barnard Columbia Socialists outline their protest plans in two Facebook event pages, one calling for students to assemble outside the venue shortly before Murray’s speech begins “to voice our opposition to Murray’s racism and bigotry,” and the other detailing a walkout strategy in the event that Murray is allowed to speak without interruption.