Star Parker: Left-Wing Politics on Abortion are a Higher Priority than Knowledge at America’s Colleges

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

Star Parker doesn’t hold back any punches for the left-wing universities and how they hide the truth behind abortions and how it affects the black American community:

I can address the issue of freedom of speech on campuses from firsthand experience. I have been canceled, obstructed, and, on more than one occasion, hecklers have tried to shout me down.

What I find distressing today is that the situation is getting worse.

The theme is consistent. It is the left, operating under the pretense of fairness and freedom, that is the force of obstruction and intimidation. It is the left that works, usually starting from the office of the sympathetic president, to shut down dissent and alternative points of view.

I was invited this week to speak at the Young Americans for Freedom organization on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles. The topic: “Abortion: Planned Parenthood’s War Against the Poor.”

As soon as posters appeared on campus advertising the event, left-wing students ripped them off the walls and replaced them with pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood advertisements.