Surreal Valentines

, Karen England, Leave a comment

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you should know that homosexual activists, including those on your child’s school campus, will use this as an opportunity to promote their same-sex marriage agenda.

Equality California, the state’s largest homosexual lobbying organization, is urging its constituents to “make yourself seen and heard” on Valentine’s Day, and is conducting a campaign to sway public opinion on the issue of homosexual marriage.

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has declared February 10-16 the 11th annual “Freedom to Marry Week.”

During this week, GSA encourages same-sex high school students to “get engaged” and have a mock wedding. “Get everyone’s attention by having a marriage ceremony! Go all out and decorate your school hallway, courtyard, or even the cafeteria with posters giving information about marriage rights and have the characters use their vows to speak out about marriage equality. You could also have a ‘wedding reception’ afterwards with cake, and get your guests to share their thoughts about the issue of marriage equality for all by making a toast.”

In addition to these mock wedding ceremonies, the GSA also encourages guest speakers, and movie nights with gay-themed films.

Karen England is the executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute in Sacramento. This feature is excerpted from the California Capitol Update she compiles for CRI.