Survey of College Presidents: 60% say Racial Climate is a Big Priority

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From Campus Reform:

Seeking to determine how higher education leaders are reacting to the phenomenon that has brought down so many of their colleagues, the American Council of Education (ACE) conducted an online poll of 567 college and university presidents in January, soliciting feedback not only on their general attitudes toward diversity issues, but also regarding the specific initiatives they are pursuing.

“Black Lives Matter. In addition to crystalizing [sic] a movement, these three words encapsulate well the current state of race relations in the United States,” the authors of the soon-to-be-released survey remark in apreview of their findings. “Similar to demonstrations in the 1960s—perhaps the last time higher education has seen student activism at the current scale—students have targeted their messages toward campus leaders; namely, college and university presidents and other senior administrators.”

Photo by KOMUnews

Photo by KOMUnews