Taliban wages war on women, bans college education

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

It took three months, but the Taliban officially banned women from obtaining a college education since retaking power in Afghanistan. On Tuesday, the Taliban made the decision to bar women from going to college, effective immediately.

The Taliban re-implemented strict societal rules based off of sharia, which is known as the strict interpretation of Islamic law. Other bans are no longer being able to use gyms, going to parks, wear Western-style clothing, and any education above middle school.

The Ministry of Higher Education issued a letter that told both private and public colleges to ban women from their classes and to update the Taliban on the ban’s implementation.

As Accuracy in Academia has consistently reported, the Taliban has incrementally removed education privileges (and other societal privileges). This past September, the Taliban shut down schools for girls in sixth grade through high school, and in the following month in October, blocked women from taking specific college entrance exam subjects.

This recent policy move highlights the disastrous results from the Biden administration’s sudden and poorly-executed withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. The West has seen the sudden and rapid erosion of women’s’ rights under the Taliban’s rule, and despite the Biden administration claims that it is fighting for feminism and empowerment of women, the effects and consequences of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal do not back up their claims.