Ten Examples of Anti-White Rhetoric at Colleges

, Spencer Irvine, 10 Comments

‘White privilege’ is an oft-used term at colleges nowadays, which alleges that white Americans have an internal privilege complex that demeans other ethnicities and races by exerting supremacy. Here are ten examples of anti-white rhetoric on our college campuses:

  1. Cal-Berkeley students prevented white people from crossing a pedestrian bridge on-campus
  2. University of Wisconsin runs into trouble with ‘Problem with Whiteness’ course
  3. Columbia University barred white students from going to a no-whites-allowed student retreat
  4. Ohio State had a ‘Racism 101’ course to teach white students about white privilege
  5. University of Colorado-Denver has a course called “Problematizing Whiteness”
  6. Cal-State San Marcos held a ‘Whiteness Forum’ to look at white privilege https://www.academia.org/california-university-held-whiteness-forum-to-look-at-white-privilege/
  7. University of Vermont had an all-white ‘White Privilege’ retreat for students to talk about how to reverse it
  8. Pomona College started an all-white club to combat white privilege
  9. Arizona State University hosted founder of ‘white privilege conference’ for students
  10. SUNY-Binghampton had a RA (resident assistant) campaign called ‘Stop White People 2K16’