Ten Examples of Anti-White Rhetoric at Colleges

, Spencer Irvine, 9 Comments

‘White privilege’ is an oft-used term at colleges nowadays, which alleges that white Americans have an internal privilege complex that demeans other ethnicities and races by exerting supremacy. Here are ten examples of anti-white rhetoric on our college campuses:

  1. Cal-Berkeley students prevented white people from crossing a pedestrian bridge on-campus
  2. University of Wisconsin runs into trouble with ‘Problem with Whiteness’ course
  3. Columbia University barred white students from going to a no-whites-allowed student retreat
  4. Ohio State had a ‘Racism 101’ course to teach white students about white privilege
  5. University of Colorado-Denver has a course called “Problematizing Whiteness”
  6. Cal-State San Marcos held a ‘Whiteness Forum’ to look at white privilege http://www.academia.org/california-university-held-whiteness-forum-to-look-at-white-privilege/
  7. University of Vermont had an all-white ‘White Privilege’ retreat for students to talk about how to reverse it
  8. Pomona College started an all-white club to combat white privilege
  9. Arizona State University hosted founder of ‘white privilege conference’ for students
  10. SUNY-Binghampton had a RA (resident assistant) campaign called ‘Stop White People 2K16’

9 Responses

  1. Jack

    December 29, 2016 10:35 pm

    University promotion of courses or ignoring antics of students, outsiders and professors against students whom are White is Classic Racism. I defy those pseudo-intellectuals to prove that their actions and teachings are anything but racism. Don’t try spouting the art of sociological mumbo jumbo since that crap no longer works.

  2. MarcusAurelius45

    January 2, 2017 7:46 pm

    Thank you for the informative, well written, and elucidating original article.
    In the game of chess, using an orderly, well thought out, and methodical
    means to address your opponent is the optimal means to gain the
    advantage and win. Thinking and acting in this manner are men’s strength and “Cultural Marxist’s” weaknesses (they tend, especially in the case of feminists, to reject reason and logic for ideological reasons). Caucasian men must learn to play this “chess game” with “Cultural Marxists” individually and collectively. By doing so, they can formulate a
    successful strategy for individual success and happiness and for that of
    Caucasian men in general, despite the hostile social, cultural, economic, and
    political environment that the “Cultural Marxist” state has created.Caucasian men should
    create the social, political, cultural, and economic environment that
    is the compliment of “Cultural Marxism” for themselves.
    Caucasian men, as a result, must
    become independent as well. In my opinion, as men do become independent
    from this “Cultural Marxist” construct, the same will have disastrous affects on
    this “Cultural Marxist” construct and the tyrannical “Cultural Marxist” state which supports
    the same!
    Why? In actuality, it is Caucasian men who support and defend the
    state. When men abandon their
    traditional role in support of both “Cultural Marxists” and the “Cultural Marxist” state, both will
    collapse. The “Cultural Marxist” construct, the “Cultural Marxist” state, and “Cultural Marxists”, therefore, provide the premises for their own denigration and
    Quoting, again, from William Shakespeare’s Play,
    “Julius Caesar” (Act I, Scene II) provides some insight into what Caucasian men in
    the USA face and as to what they should do:

    Long Quote

    Cassius: Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus,
    and we petty men Walk under his huge legs and peep about To find
    ourselves dishonourable graves.Men at some time are masters of their
    fates:The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,But in ourselves, that
    we are underlings. Brutus and Caesar: what should be in that
    ‘Caesar’?Why should that name be sounded more than yours?Write them
    together, yours is as fair a name;Sound them, it doth become the mouth
    as well;Weigh them, it is as heavy; conjure with ’em,Brutus will start a
    spirit as soon as Caesar.Now, in the names of all the gods at once,Upon
    what meat doth this our Caesar feed,That he is grown so great? Age,
    thou art shamed!Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods!When went
    there by an age, since the great flood,But it was famed with more than
    with one man?When could they say till now, that talk’d of Rome,That her
    wide walls encompass’d but one man?Now is it Rome indeed and room
    enough,When there is in it but one only man. O, you and I have heard our
    fathers say,There was a Brutus once that would have brook’d The eternal
    devil to keep his state in Rome As easily as a king.”

  3. Surfinnonreality

    January 3, 2017 12:47 pm

    Time for some:
    Exploit your whiteness courses. (Tongue kind of in cheek)
    Be White, Be Proud, Be Privileged
    White privilege Capitalize on it.
    Use your whiteness to get hired and promoted.
    White privilege. God’s gift to the white race.
    White greatness. A history lesson of all the great white politicians, inventors and businessmen.
    Let’s counter the bigotry with the truth about being white.
    How about a Return to only white landowners voting rights petition?

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