Texas State University Student Government Bill to Ban Safe Spaces Criticized as ‘Obstruction’

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

The bill put forward by the student government at Texas State University would ban safe spaces, which is an excuse for students, administrators and faculty to repress free speech in the name of possibly offending others, but it is facing opposition and criticism for being politically incorrect:

The bill…[faced] strident opposition from left-leaning organizations and students, including a candidate for the school’s Student Body President, who shamed the sponsors of the resolution for their “detrimental piece of legislation.”

“Not only is this detrimental to the social safety of many groups here at Texas State, but a clear obstruction of our core values as a university,” Russell Boyd wrote in a statement. “As representatives of the student body, it is imperative that the student government take into account the many students that will be greatly impacted by this detrimental piece of legislation.”

Meanwhile, the school’s Pan African Action Committee also rebuked the controversial bill, publicly reprimanding one of its four cosponsors, Student Senator Alex Sherman.