Texas wins case to ban mask mandates in schools

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Too little, too late? Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott score a legal victory when the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Abbott’s mask mandate ban in schools.

Fox News reported that the appeals court ruled by a 2-1 decision against an injunction to stop the mask mandate ban by a lower district judge. The district judge contended that the mask mandate ban placed disabled students at a disadvantage in school participation.

The Republican governor, who is running for re-election this fall against career politician and failed presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, had initially issued the mask mandate ban in the form of an executive order in July 2021. The order specified that government entities, such as public school districts, cannot impose mask mandates.

Due to the district judge’s injunction, the governor’s executive order was not enforced and was placed on hold until the higher court made a decision.

Despite Abbott’s order, several school districts had imposed mask mandates and challenged the governor’s authority. Now, the same school districts have to follow the order and revoke mask mandates.

But, was it too little, too late? The coronavirus variants have proven to be less lethal for school-aged children and many school districts have lifted mask mandates in classrooms.