The Kellyanne Conway Factor: Gives Conservative Women a Voice

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

An interesting op-ed by Diane Banister in the Washington Examiner on Trump’s manager Kellyanne Conway:

Unfortunately, the major media outlets did not poll on the Kellyanne factor. A lovely yet unabashed conservative setting the record straight on show after show. Turning loaded questions right back onto the questioner, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Chuck Todd and more. And she was willing to take it all on with a smile, confident that her positions were true and right.

Like Trump, she also gave voice to the voiceless. Not only did her media skills turn the tables, she gave conservatives everywhere a renewed energy to fight back against the Left’s continued mantra. The “alt right,” “sexual predator,” “party of the rich,” “anti-immigrant,” “war against women,”— the name-calling would not go unchallenged.