The Left’s Grandstanding on Sexual Assault

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In light of the Rolling Stone-University of Virginia libel lawsuit and other rape hoaxes across the U.S., The Women Against VAWA Excess (known as WAVE) issued a brief directed towards Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and her rhetoric on sexual assaults.

In their brief, WAVE noted, “Gillibrand has no regard for the presumption of innocence and has repeatedly misrepresented the facts surround the issue.” Additionally, Wave pointed out how the criminal justice system’s purpose is to “reach a reliable determination of innocence and guilt,” while the Left’s rhetoric is to mostly ignore the due process rights of the accused. Gillibrand also called Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz a “survivor,” whereby WAVE countered and said, “the accused student had been cleared by the campus committees and the local DA refused to take on the case.”

WAVE quoted Department of Justice statistics that the number of sexual assaults per 1,000 people is 1.6, instead of the oft-used ‘one-in-five’ statistic that was championed by the Left and Gillibrand. WAVE also claimed that Gillibrand “quietly removed” the ‘one-in-five’ statistic from her website.

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22 Responses

  1. Wild Bill Kinda

    August 4, 2016 11:30 am

    Voting for a Clinton is like sticking your finger in the eye of every sexual assault victim.

  2. liberalscum19

    August 5, 2016 10:48 am

    [ loud sigh ] Are you serious? How are people still doubting the accuracy of sexual assault statistics? That 1 in 5 statistic is an estimation of how many college-aged women have been sexually assaulted – many of the other statistics out there are solid/proven numbers on how many women have REPORTED being sexually assaulted. And, as the DOJ also found, 80% of female students who are sexually assaulted don’t report it, because of stigma like this.

    Also, the claim that the left wants to “ignore the due process rights of the accused” is so ludicrous, I want to cry. What we want is to give victims justice. How, may I ask, is letting male students who ADMITTED to being rapists continue being students – without expulsion, without almost any punishment – ignoring their due process rights? How is having a separate avenue for campus sexual assault that goes through the university instead of the police and courts – an avenue that makes it significantly easier for rapists to get away with their crimes – ignoring their due process rights? How is allowing rapists to go free just because the woman “had too much to drink” or “was asking for it” IGNORING THE ACCUSED’S DUE PROCESS RIGHTS? PLEASE. TELL ME. I WANT TO KNOW.

    Do you realize what makes campus sexual assault different from any other crime in this country? If you are raped by a man in your Intro to Lit class on a Friday, you can take it to the college sexual assault board and most likely, that man will be in your Intro to Lit class the following Monday. But if you’re raped by a complete stranger 20 feet outside of your university campus, you can go to the police and that man would probably be indicted for a FELONY.

    IF ANYTHING, WE ARE GIVING THE “ACCUSED” TOO MUCH DUE PROCESS – or, at least, too much leniency. At least in our judicial system, both the victim and the accused can have some form of due process. The sexual assault boards on college campuses are nowhere near equipped to do that.

    I cannot believe that we, as a society, are still having this argument. Sexual assault and harassment on college campuses in rampant and out of control. Literally ask any college-attending woman in the United States, and they will tell you. I go to a university that has some of the lowest crime rates in the country, and yet, I still PERSONALLY KNOW 5 women – 5 of my friends – who have been raped while at college. And all 5 of those women have to continue going to school with the men who raped them.

    Tell me how someone can look at all of these facts, and still say that people like Senator Gillibrand are “overreacting” to campus sexual assault.

  3. Whothehell Cares

    August 9, 2016 10:54 pm

    ” If you are raped by a man in your Intro to Lit class on a Friday, you can take it to the college sexual assault board “.
    Are you really that moronic? You do realize that a sexual assault committed anywhere, can and should be reported to the police, don’t you? Being a college student doesn’t take away your right to report to the people you should be reporting to – the police.

  4. liberalscum19

    August 9, 2016 11:10 pm

    Colleges have always tried to persuade and encourage victims to go through THEIR disciplinary process and not the police. Because if the college can handle it within their walls, stats can be manipulated and their rep remains positive. And because of this, the police and the judicial system allows these unprofessional, untrained boards deal with crimes thay are felonies and should be brought to the authorities.

    So basically what I’m saying is that both colleges and our societal rhetoric convinces women to go through this subpar, shitty and victimizing college process instead of the police – because there’s such a stigma on sexual assault that victims don’t want to come out.

    There’s also a fear about the judicial system – a lot of women don’t want to testify and go through the stress of reliving the incident again and again, sometimes for years. They want it over with, which is why college sexual assault boards COULD BE a good alternative to the judicial “gridlock”, so to say. But they’re just ill-equipped and biased, and should NOT be doing this.

  5. EricAllonde

    August 10, 2016 12:33 pm

    “5 of my friends – who have been raped while at college”

    Just to be clear: do you mean all 5 of your friends were forced to have sex against their will using violence?

    Because the term “rape” has been very much degraded by feminists in recent years. We’ve seen “Regret is rape”, where women feel guilty about cheating on their boyfriend etc after the fact and retroactively convert consensual sex into rape.

    We’ve seen “Drunk sex is rape”, where two drunk people hooking up has been redefined as the man raping the woman.

    We’ve seen “Failure to mindread is rape”, where the woman claimed to change her mind about having sex halfway through, but didn’t say or do anything to tell the man to stop.

    We’ve seen “Micro-persuasion is rape”, where a woman’s apparent enthusiastic consent to sex is turned into rape after the fact, because the man supposedly pressured her over a period of weeks until she agreed to fetch a condom and meet in the man’s dorm bathroom for sex.

    And there are plenty of other dubious types of “rape” too, all included in those made up stats you’re quoting.

    So you can see why intelligent people are rightly skeptical about such figures.

  6. liberalscum19

    August 11, 2016 10:24 am

    I am so confused by this reply, I don’t even know where to start.

    First of all, definition of rape: “Unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent.”

    Definition of sexual assault: “Illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent (as because of age or physical or mental incapacity) or who places the assailant (as a doctor) in a position of trust or authority.”

    You can look up more specific legal definitions for what constitutes as rape in various penal codes, but this is a general guideline. And yes, all 5 of my friends fell under these circumstances when they were raped. Also, let’s go through your “fake” rape definitions.

    “Regret is rape” = I have never heard of this even happening…? You’re accusing me of making up facts – this is clearly some made-up scenario that has maybe happened once or twice in the past 10 years. Most of the time, women DON’T tell their boyfriend that they were raped because they think he will break up with them for “cheating”. Most of the time, it’s the other way around. One of those 5 friends of mine who was RAPED at a party did not tell her boyfriend – he still does not know, because she doesn’t want him to think she wasn’t monogamous. So, no. Just no.

    “Drunk sex is rape” = Ok, let’s go back to the 2 definitions I quoted above. For sexual assault, it says if a person is “mentally incapacitated” and incapable of giving consent, that is rape. Most penal codes place drunk or high under the umbrella of mentally incapacitated. Now, it gets a little iffy if both parties were drunk, I agree – they might both feel violated in that case, and those feelings are warranted, but it may not be strictly against the law – but if a woman is drunk and a sober man takes advantage of her, THAT IS RAPE. Even if she “consented” while drunk, the law does not consider that consent valid, because she was mentally incapacitated. So, also no.

    “Failure to mindread is rape” = Have you ever had sex with someone you don’t feel entirely comfortable with? Because I have. And I can tell you that it is really difficult to speak up and say that you’ve changed your mind and you don’t want to have sex anymore. Again, let’s go to the law: I don’t know about other states, but New York defines consent as saying “YES”, explicitly. Not as not saying no. And that consent has to be reaffirmed by both parties. So, if two parties agree to sex in the beginning, but one of them gets uncomfortable half way through and wants to stop, that person not speaking up and saying no doesn’t equal consent. It is both parties’ responsibility to make sure that consent is explicit. It might not feel “sexy” to ask your partner “Is this okay?” or “Can I keep going?” but you know what’s definitely not sexy? Rape. Rape is not sexy.

    “Micro-persuasion is rape” = I’m just gonna quickly debunk this one, because you said the problem with this in your own definition. “A man supposedly pressured her over a period of weeks until she agreed.” Yeah, that’s called stalking and harassment. That is also a crime. If a woman agrees to have sex under those circumstances, that is also rape, because, again, let’s go back to our trusty definitions: sexual contact “under threat of injury.” That man might not have intended for his actions to be construed as “threat of injury” – he might have just really wanted to have sex with her – but if a woman feels threatened by someone and then forces herself to have sex with him to get rid of him? Yeah, that’s rape.

    Rape and sexual assault is really not as “dubious” or “complicated” as you’re making it out to be. Basically, if one or both parties don’t want to have sex, DON’T HAVE SEX. If you have sex anyway, THAT IS RAPE.

    Really. It’s that simple.

    And again, you’re acting like there’s this whole conspiracy of feminists to fake rape claims in order to take down the patriarchy or some bullshit like that. Or that women “cry rape” whenever they regret having sex. That’s simply not true. The FBI has clearly stated that only around 2% of rape charges have been determined to be false – which is the SAME percentage for other felonies of a similar level, such as robbery, physical assault, etc.

    The amazing website (which you should totally check out) called Men Against Abuse Now puts it very well:

    “While false accusations of rape do happen, and they are very problematic when they do, people claim that allegations are false far more frequently than they are and far more frequently than for other crimes. Put another way, we are much more likely to disbelieve a woman if she says she was raped than if she says she was robbed, but for no good reason.

    On a related note, only about 40% of rapes are ever reported to the police, and this is partly because victims know that if their claim becomes public, their every behavior will be scrutinized, they will be shamed for their sexual history, and they will be labeled as lunatic, psychotic, paranoid, and manipulative. Just because someone does not report their crime does not mean it did not happen. Furthermore, only one in two claims lead to prosecution, so if the DA decides not to prosecute, that says nothing about whether or not it happened.”

  7. liberalscum19

    August 11, 2016 10:34 am

    That’s true. The burden of proof in the judicial system is higher than in the average sexual assault college board. But seriously, this isn’t unique to sexual assault?

    Lots of people who have experienced physical assault, robbery, murder, and other crimes have had the criminal go free because of lack of evidence, or because the DA didn’t want to prosecute. That isn’t an infrequent occurrence. In our judicial system, “not guilty” does not equal innocence. If someone doesn’t have enough evidence, the jury could set the criminal free, even if they did commit the crime. It’s the same for sexual assault. If there isn’t enough evidence, the criminal might not be persecuted.

    However, college sexual assault boards COULD be a good avenue to more accurately punish rapists, since the burden of proof is lower. But they have failed at doing this. Instead, universities are MORE LIKELY than the judicial system to let a rapist get away with their crime because they don’t want to be known as “the rape school.” Colleges don’t want to advertise that rape happens on their campus – why would they? This creates a CLEAR conflict of interest. If we are to have college sexual assault boards, they have to be independent and unbiased.

    People have to stop looking at rape and sexual assault as if they’re somehow “different” from other crimes. You wouldn’t be so incensed about this issue and claiming that the stats have been manipulated if it was about the number of people who are robbed each year. You wouldn’t doubt a woman if she claimed that she was robbed, would you? Would you say, “Oh, you’re just doing it to get attention,” or “You’re just accusing this guy to get back at him,” or “Oh, it’s your fault that you were robbed because your house was asking for it.” OBVIOUSLY this does not happen, so why do people view rape like this? Rape is just like every other serious crime – we need to start treating it that way.

  8. EricAllonde

    August 11, 2016 11:15 am

    “The FBI has clearly stated that only around 2% of rape charges have been determined to be false”

    And just like that you demonstrated your total ignorance of the topic.

    The 2% figure is a myth. It’s been traced back to a speech given by a judge in the 1970s, and he admits he had no source for it.

    There have been about 20 formal research studies into the question of false rape accusations. If you leave out the outliers at 4% and 90%, you’re left with about 17 studies that together give a median figure of roughly 25%.

    So yes, you’re wildly wrong about the number of false rape accusations. Women do it every day, for a wide variety of self-centred reasons. They are rarely prosecuted for it, and that knowledge that they’re almost certain to get away with it is a big part of the reason why it’s so prevalent.

    “Now, it gets a little iffy if both parties were drunk, I agree”

    Well, feminists disagree with you. They push the line that if both parties are equally drunk, then the man is a rapist and the woman is a rape victim. Male students have been expelled from university for exactly this situation, based on feminist-driven policies.

    “And I can tell you that it is really difficult to speak up and say that you’ve changed your mind and you don’t want to have sex anymore.”

    Of course, that’s fine. No one would ever want you to do something that’s hard. But if you don’t, then it’s not rape.

    Oh, are you triggered? Sorry, but that’s how it works. Feminists always infantilise women, just like you’re doing here: “The poor babies can’t be expected to state their wishes out loud, because that would require effort. No, instead the man must read their mind at all times, or else he’s a rapist”.

    That’s a perfect example of why feminist is such a useless, stupid and toxic ideology, and why only 7% of people (and falling) identify as feminists today.

    “That man might not have intended for his actions to be construed as “threat of injury” – he might have just really wanted to have sex with her – but if a woman feels threatened by someone”

    Ah, feminists and their “feelings = crime” philosophy. In your view, it doesn’t really matter what the man did. All that matters is how the woman felt. Perhaps he did nothing objectively threatening or illegal at all, but she only has to say, “I felt threatened” in order to make him a rapist and get him thrown him in jail. Fantastic!

    So can I say, “I feel threatened by your comments in this thread” and call the police to have you charged with assault? If not, why not? After all, the facts don’t matter, it’s only about the feelings, right? Once again, rational people see feminists as dangerously mentally defective because of arguments like this.

    In the most recent case I read about, the woman sent the man a series of texts beforehand talking enthusiastically about the idea of having sex with him, she suggested the location, she left him there and went to get condoms, then returned to have sex with him, and sent happy & “thank you” type texts to him afterwards. It was only after her family became aware of the incident much later that it suddenly became “rape”.

    Now of course the police investigated her allegation and concluded it was not rape. However the university still expelled him, because it has a feminist-controlled group handling these complaints that is heavily biased against men.

    Fortunately these universities are now facing a string of expensive lawsuits from male students that they’ve persecuted in this way and they’re losing them. There is every sign that money will force the universities to reluctantly respect the law and due process, so hopefully we can get back to rape claims being handled only by the police.

    “The amazing website”

    I prefer more factual sources, not false rape accusation apologist propaganda blogs.

    “if the DA decides not to prosecute, that says nothing about whether or not it happened”

    I’m aware of that. The figures suggest about 25% of accusations are outright false, and another 40% or so are “unfounded or unproven” for other reasons, including lack of any evidence or an accuser who is not credible for reason other than deliberate lying, for example mental illness.

    Bottom line: feminism is a sick, twisted, hate-fuelled ideology that has no place in western countries today. It’s already dying off of its own accord, but anything that we do to help euthanise it will be to the benefit of society and everyone in it.

  9. liberalscum19

    August 11, 2016 11:59 am

    Jesus Christ, do you even hear yourself? Even if you’re right, even if 25% of rape accusations are false (which they’re not)? That’s still 75% OF RAPE ACCUSATIONS THAT ARE TRUE.


    I tried to be cordial, but that’s apparently impossible with “meninists”, as I’m sure you no doubt describe yourself. Men don’t seem to understand that FEMINISM works for equality and justice for both men and women. Your belief that “evil feminists” are now controlling the judicial system to “target men” is LUDICROUS, but sure, if you want to believe that, go ahead. Because the issue of WOMEN BEING RAPED is ALL about you. We feminists, we meet and have satanic rituals every week and plan how to bring you down. NOW OUR SECRET’S OUT. Gosh, darnit!

    God, you’re delusional. Privileged, and very delusional.

    I’m done with this comment thread. I’ll have better luck actually being a feminist in real life than getting an ulcer because of whiny little babies on the internet.

  10. EricAllonde

    August 11, 2016 12:45 pm

    Wow, you can type in all caps! I’m intimidated and immediately convinced of the veracity of your claims.

    “I tried to be cordial, but that’s apparently impossible with “meninists”, as I’m sure you no doubt describe yourself”

    I’m going to let you in on a little not-so-secret. It’s obvious, so everyone is waiting for feminists to figure it out, but you never do. Watching you constantly be so wrong is very funny, but I do feel a little sorry for you, so Ima gonna mansplain it to you:

    No one describes themselves as a “meninist”, other than as a joke. The term is a piece of satire, created to make feminists look stupid, and in that respect it has succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

    Anything you see posted under a “meninist” label is nothing more than a piece of feminist dogma that has had the genders flipped.

    The fact that feminists always freak out when their own doctrine is mirrored back to them just proves how hypocritical and intellectually bankrupt your favourite movement really is.

    Feminists don’t have a sense of humour, and that clearly extends to not understanding satire at all.

    “Because the issue of WOMEN BEING RAPED is ALL about you”

    So, we’re gonna have a bit of a problem because feminists like you are all about feelings over facts, whereas I much prefer dealing with facts. So you probably just wanted me to empathise with your feels and agree with you. However I’m going to annoy you by focussing on the facts instead.

    The incidence of rape today is at historical lows. No, it’s not at zero yet, but it’s lower than it’s ever been before. So it’s important to note that we’re dealing with a diminishing problem, not an epidemic.

    Also, that “1 in 5” (or “1 in 4”, “1 in 3” or whatever it is this week) figure that feminists love so much is totally bogus. The real figure is 1 in 53. Sorry if it hurts your feels to hear that, it’s just the fact.


    No, it’s more that 25% of thousands of men are facing false rape allegations in this country every year, and we’re up in arms because that figure is growing, unlike the number of actual rapes, and feminists are doing all they can to increase it still further.

    Men are being expelled from university, becoming unemployable due to their undeserved reputations, ostracised from friends and family, in some cases even committing suicide. All because some entitled little princess took a gender studies course and decided it was too hard to say, “Oh, I want to stop having sex now”, much easier to cry “Rape!” after the fact instead. Or he did something to hurt her feelings, so a false rape claim was a good way to teach him a lesson.

    Here’s a nice sampling of the many and varied reasons why women lie about being raped:

    “We feminists, we meet and have satanic rituals every week and plan how to bring you down.”

    No, it’s more insidious than that. Feminists worm their way into positions of power and then work to undermine things like due process and the use of evidence in the legal system. That’s how we end up with things like the ludicrous approach to handling rape claims at universities: through the normalisation of feminist stupidity over an extended term.

    It’s funny: feminists respond predictably to facts they dislike with handwaving and saying “privilege” a lot. Do you think that actually achieves something? Here’s a tip: your fellow hairy legs might high-five you for it, but the other 93% of the population doesn’t give a shit.

    It’s the same as if you were a Harry Potter nerd and you signed off your rant with a very smug “Expelliamus!” or whatever they say. I realise it makes you feel clever, but everyone else is just going to shrug and say, “OK, sure dude. Whatever you like”. It is funny to watch, though.

    “I’m done with this comment thread.”

    Because you can’t ban me or block me here. Sorry, so sad. Feminists sure do love themselves a good blocking of anyone who disagrees. We hear from feminists all the time that “Disagreement = actual violence”, which causes no end of further amusement, because as I noted above: feminism is all about feelings over facts. It’s infantilisation of women again. And when someone presents you with inconvenient facts, that hurts your feels, so ban, block, call them a rapist and, if none of that works, have a good old sulk and a cry about it. Off you go then.

  11. liberalscum19

    August 11, 2016 2:29 pm

    Off I go to cry in a corner over what an insecure little boy said to me on the internet.

  12. EricAllonde

    August 11, 2016 3:16 pm

    U mad, bitch?

    Ah, the calibre of what passes for reasoned feminist argument never changes. Good on you for being true to yourself.

  13. EricAllonde

    August 11, 2016 3:34 pm

    It looks like I even need to mansplain the word “mansplain” to you.

    It means to discuss a topic using facts and logic, especially in conversation with a feminist who only wants to talk about feelings.

    So that’s a perfect match to our conversation in this thread!

    Is there anything else you need mansplained to you?

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