The Left’s Grandstanding on Sexual Assault

, Spencer Irvine, 22 Comments

In light of the Rolling Stone-University of Virginia libel lawsuit and other rape hoaxes across the U.S., The Women Against VAWA Excess (known as WAVE) issued a brief directed towards Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and her rhetoric on sexual assaults.

In their brief, WAVE noted, “Gillibrand has no regard for the presumption of innocence and has repeatedly misrepresented the facts surround the issue.” Additionally, Wave pointed out how the criminal justice system’s purpose is to “reach a reliable determination of innocence and guilt,” while the Left’s rhetoric is to mostly ignore the due process rights of the accused. Gillibrand also called Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz a “survivor,” whereby WAVE countered and said, “the accused student had been cleared by the campus committees and the local DA refused to take on the case.”

WAVE quoted Department of Justice statistics that the number of sexual assaults per 1,000 people is 1.6, instead of the oft-used ‘one-in-five’ statistic that was championed by the Left and Gillibrand. WAVE also claimed that Gillibrand “quietly removed” the ‘one-in-five’ statistic from her website.

Photo by azipaybarah