The Left’s War on Women

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While the so-called “conservative war on women” remains a favorite topic of talking heads, actual assaults on the gender are increasingly coming from the political Left.

prolife rally

“Obamacare affects women,” Mattie Duppler, of Americans for Tax Reform said at a Republican Studies Committee panel discussion on women’s issues.  For example, the Independent Mandate Tax takes 2.5% out of their income, Dupler pointed out.

Charmaine Yoest, of Americans United for Life, noted in the Capitol Hill symposium that two women die each month, a fact ignored, if not actively suppressed,  by most health centers and the media.  If women has a negative side effect from having an abortion, clinics encourage women to check into the hospital and explain that it is from other reasons.  Thus, abortion clinics can avoid lawsuits. Nevertheless, more women are becoming more pro-life,  Yoest noted.

Also at the conference:

  • “Women don’t need to be defined by what the left is saying”, said Amber Barno of the Independent Women’s Forum.
  • U. S. Rep.  Ann Wagner, R-Missouri, argued that there is a “war on women by ungrateful women.”
  • Alex Smith of the College Republican National Committee said that if women ages 18-24 had not voted, Romney would have been president.

Editor’s Note: The original published version said that “if women ages 18-24 had voted, Romney would have been president,” when the opposite was true. We have since corrected the error.