The Top 10 Global Warming Lies of the Left

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The Heartland Institute published “Top 10 Global Warming Lies” to answer the reporting of the Left on the effects of global warming. Specifically, the report was designed as a response to the  Environmental Defense Fund’s most recent fundraising effort, “10 Global Warming Effects That May Shock You.”

global warming lies heartland institute

1. EDF claimed global warming cause 100,000 bat deaths in Australia

  • However, the fact is that global warming activists love wind power, which actually kills up to a million bats each year.
  • Also, there was no evidence that global warming caused the death of bats, as the 2014 heat wave cited was not as hot as a 1972 heat wave in the same place in Australia.

2. Global warming led to the expansion of Lyme disease in the U.S.

  • Lyme disease typically occurs in cooler, forested regions of the northern U.S. and not in hotter, southern areas.
  • Lyme disease is one of the rarest causes of death according to the CDC with fewer than 25 deaths per year.

3. Global warming threatens national security

  • Alarmists allege that food supply will be scarce
  • However, global crop production actually increases as temperatures are warmer due to more presence of carbon dioxide.

4. The inevitable and oft-used Sea-Levels-Are-Rising argument

  • “There has similarly been no increase in the pace of sea level rise in recent decades”
  • “Polar ice sheets have not declined at all since NASA satellite instruments began precisely measuring them 35 years ago.”

5. Allergies increase due to global warming

  • Pollen and pollen count is a natural part of the plant reproduction cycle and increasing amounts as of late means more plants are on the face of the earth
  • “NASA satellite instruments have documented a spectacular greening of the Earth, with foliage gains most prevalent in previously arid, semi-desert regions.”

6. Global warming has created a Pine Beetle Plague

  • “Recent U.S. Forest Service data show that pine beetle infestations have recently declined dramatically throughout the western United States.”
  • Research found that “beetles are not dependent on warm winters”

7. Look to Canada as a Model

  • Alarmists claim that a greener, lusher Canada shows that the Earth is warming up
  • Rebuttal: “If barren ecosystems constitute an ideal planet, then the alarmist fears of more plant life make sense.”

8. Global warming hurts the economy

  • “Extreme weather events – and their resulting costs – are dramatically declining as the Earth modestly warms.”
  • Carbon emission restrictions and a focus on wind energy will cripple the economy, as those renewable energy sources are “expensive and unreliable.”

9. More outbreaks of disease due to global warming

  • The ban of DDT, thanks to the environmentalists, has led to the re-emergence of malaria
  • Cold weather-related viruses, such as the flu, will decrease in times of moderate warming

10. The glaciers are shrinking!

  • “The Antarctic ice sheet has been growing at a steady and substantial pace ever since NASA satellites first began measuring the ice sheet in 1979.”
  • “The Antarctic ice sheet repeatedly set new records for its largest extent in recorded history.”