To Kill A Mockingbird Lives

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

An indication of how far the politically correct trend has gone is the recent effort to get To Kill A Mockingbird off of reading lists.

This novel is one many liberals point to as the genesis of their political thought. “The Monona Grove School Board voted 6-1 to uphold the recommendation to keep To Kill A Mockingbird in the freshman English curriculum at Monona Grove High School,” Amber Gerber reported in The Herald-Independent. “Peter Sobol was the sole nay vote at the May 9 meeting. He called the vote the most difficult decision in his time on the School Board.”

“The vote stemmed from an appeal by Tujama and Jeannine Kameeta, whose son is a freshman at MGHS. The Cottage Grove couple’s initial complaint filed in December sought to have the Harper Lee novel removed from the ninth-grade English curriculum citing the use of racial slurs in the book as unacceptable and in violation of district policies related to discrimination and harassment.”

“A five-person curriculum review committee voted 4-1 to keep the novel, recommending the English department consider the novel’s place in the curriculum, the context which it is taught and other ways to use the book or equivalent texts.”