University of Arizona Lecturer Compared Trump Presidency to Rape

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

That sounds like quite a terrible comparison to make, isn’t it?

A University of Arizona professor compared the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency to rape, saying he is “plundering our country” and “forc[ing] his half-flaccid agenda on it.”

Jess Kapp, a senior lecturer in the University of Arizona department of geosciences, published “The Rape of America” on her blog on November 15, asserting that a Trump presidency constitutes a “violent seizure of our basic human rights” and fulfills the definition of rape.

“He whispers promises of protection with crossed fingers behind his back, and while we prepare to give him a chance, turning our heads from his proven history of lies, he will attack us bareback and ride us until we tear,” Kapp writes. “And just when we think it is going to let up, he will escalate the assault to gang rape.”