University of New Mexico Officials Contradict Each Other on ‘Trigger Warnings’ for Pro-Life Displays

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University of New Mexico officials couldn’t get on the same page when they were asked why they had posted “trigger warnings” close to a pro-life student display. Trigger warnings are posted and written warnings for students, informing them that content may offend them and they should be aware of it.

When the university’s Students for Life (SFL) arrived at the designated spot to display signs and discuss with passersby about rape survivors and how it relates to the pro-life cause, one of their regional coordinators saw the following trigger warning:

image from The College Fix

However, when the students reached out to the university, they denied that it was a trigger warning and that they were singled out due to their pro-life views.

Yet, one university director was quoted as calling the sign a trigger warning in the student newspaper.