University of New Mexico Student Gov’t Partially Funds Conservative Speakers, but Liberals are Outraged

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

The University of New Mexico student government decided to partially fund two conservative speakers, Christina Hoff Sommers and Ben Shapiro, to the amount of $5,000 per speaker (or about half of their total speaking fees). But, liberals aren’t happy about this decision. From The College Fix:

The Daily Lobo reports that ASUNM Sen. Hallie Brown says that “these particular speakers” shouldn’t be funded by students’ fees.

She alleges Sommers is “an avid victim-blamer, she actively participates in rape culture, and that is something our campus is trying to combat,” while Shapiro “promotes exclusivity, specifically devaluing the experience for people of color and blatantly ignoring the importance of diversity of thought.”