University of Tennessee Employees Violated Rules, Lobbied against Trump by Using University Email

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Kathy Wong, a lecturer in the Spanish department, and Chrisanne Romeo, an administrator, used university e-mails to rail against President Donald Trump’s policies.

This from Campus Reform:

In an email sent to over 100 graduate students, Kathi Wong, a senior lecturer in the Spanish department, urged students to call their representatives in Congress to request that they oppose recent EPA funding cuts as well as a federal hiring freeze ordered by Trump.

“Because things are happening so quickly, I hope you will join with me to take a few minutes today to call our senators and representative [sic] (numbers provided below),” Wong wrote. “They have been flooded with calls, and need to be absolutely inundated. They must signal that they will stop this chaotic destruction of our country’s infrastructure and of our human rights.”