University Still Won’t Admit “Radical Islamic Terrorism” Exists after Radicalized Student Shot People

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

An op-ed written by a student at the University of California-Merced, where a student shot several people and was killed due to radical Islam ideology:

When 18-year-old UC Merced student Faisal Mohammad attacked students with a large hunting knife in the name of Allah at my school last fall, Chancellor Dorothy Leland ignored the link to terror and, along with local authorities at the time, blamed it on his anger for being kicked out of a study group.

Even after the FBI concluded in March 2016, some five months after the attack, that Mohammad had been self-radicalized and inspired by ISIS, finding pro-ISIS material on his laptop and a print-out of an ISIS flag on him, my chancellor still refused to utter the term “radical Islamic terrorism” and downplayed the link to ISIS in a memo to the school.

Photo by ldjaffe