Unmasking the Progressives

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The public policy group, America’s Survival Inc. (ASI) held a national conference entitled, “Unmasking the Progressives” on Oct. 21 in Washington DC. The event was held at the National Press Club and its main goal was to provide the public with information and evidence about the spread of Marxism in America. Around 50 people attended the conference eager to hear and express their own opinions of America’s current political situation. Five prominent speakers were featured: Larry Grathwohl, a former FBI informant in the Weather Underground, author and professor Paul Kengor, anti-communist researcher Trevor Loudon, professor Mary Grabar, and conservative journalist Robert Knight.

ASI president, Cliff Kincaid, opened the conference with background information on known radicals Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and Mark Rudd. Kincaid unearthed the web of connections linking these three men to violent actions and communist groups such as the Communist Party USA (CPUSA)—Davis— and Weather Underground—Ayers and Rudd. Kincaid was able to prove that these men were legitimate members of the CPUSA and Weather Underground by producing transparencies of FBI and Senate documents. He even provided a copy of Davis’ CPUSA membership card.

Rudd is now a math professor at Central New Mexico Community College. Ayers recently retired from the faculty at the University of Illinois.

Most troubling for Kincaid and the speakers at the conference was these men’s connection to President Obama. For example, President Obama has credited Davis in his book, Dreams From My Father as being the mentor who gave him advice on women, college, and career choices. The CPUSA was a subservient organization to the Soviet Union. Kincaid poses the question as to how Davis, someone who pledged allegiance to the Soviet Union and had been called before the U. S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee for anti-American activity, could possibly mentor Obama in a pro-capitalist, pro-American way? Questions like this, he stated, are missing from the mainstream media as they refuse to recognize the significance of President Obama’s Marxist connections.

But how could the free press in America not ask these important questions of their President? Does this mean liberals in the media are secretly pro-communist supporters? No. According to Paul Kengor, they were duped. He introduced the premise of his new book entitled, Dupes, and explained that since the founding of the Communist Party, radical communists have relied upon more genuine, moderate liberals to help advance their agenda. Then, if confronted about their communist agenda, they would simply lie and play the victims of conservative fanatics. More moderate liberals bought into this lie and became not pro-communist but rather anti-anti-communist. They saw the anti-communists as Neanderthals who aimlessly waged war on communists. According to Kengor, this attitude allowed the communists to continue to hijack moderate liberal policies for their own agenda.

Kincaid and his panel expressed their wish to simply have a conversation about important issues like this without being quieted by the mainstream media. In America, Kincaid argues, we need to be able to have open and honest discussions about important issues such as this. Right now, however, that’s not happening, he charges. Kincaid urged his supporters to help in getting the word out about these issues in hopes that the mainstream media will eventually be forced to discuss it openly.

Amanda Winkler is an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia.